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Reach thousands of startup founders and potential clients worldwide

Founded in South Korea has launched and will be a rapidly growing initiative in 2015 focused specifically at innovative startups in South Korea. We’ve got an audience of thousands of South Korean startup founders and (international) visitors seeking the latest innovations from South Korea. This makes it the ideal platform to advertise your company. Note: we only allow startups to advertise that have been added to the list already.

The list is estimated to get up to 10,000 daily page views by 2017 and more than half of those will be international visitors. We're constantly working on expanding the platform's features and promoting the startups on the list, both in South Korea and internationally through

Founded X.

Currently all featured packages are by invitation only

We expect to have over 50 innovative startups in 2015, rising to the top 500 innovative startups in 2017. There are only 4 possible slots to get featured. Once confirmed, all decisions will be final. We reserve the right to remove/replace the featured slots if terms have been violated.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our advertising possibilities or ideas on creating strategic partnerships.