Startup Ecosystem in South Korea

Allow thousands of startup founders and potential clients worldwide to see your location

Founded in South Korea has provided a map where startups, incubators, venture firms, media and digital agencies, tech campuses, accelerators and government support programs can be seen to viewers from all over the world! We’ve got an audience of thousands of startup founders and visitors seeking the latest innovations from South Korea. This makes it the ideal platform to promote South Korea’s tech scene.

Thanks to our collaboration with Mapme,

an innovative Israeli startup, Founded in South Korea can continue to provide multiple promotional platforms for its listed startups. The list is estimated to get up to 10,000 daily page views by 2017 and more than half of those will be international visitors. We're constantly working on expanding the platform's features and promoting the startups on the list, both in South Korea and internationally through

Founded X.

Interested? Contact us and also feel free to bring up any additional questions regarding our map or ideas on creating strategic partnerships with us.